With more than 20 years of experience in the vending business, the Anderson Dolly is the trick to move vending machines, gun safes, server towers, atms and large appliances. Our unique design changes the conventional method of tilting a load back on two wheels with two people to leaving it upright and requiring only one person. Our mission is to help people move heavy objects safely and easily, not to mention, saving money.

Our products are guaranteed to perform as advertised or we will refund your purchase price for 30 days. We also guarantee the straps, ratchets,casters, frames- the whole set for 1 year- no questions asked. Our dollies are designed to give a lifetime of service with minimal maintenance. Our happy customers include Pepsi Cola, Toyota, CBS Radio, US Marine Corp, U.S. Park Service etc. and many vending machine and gun safe owners.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your moving tasks, please browse our website, send us a message through the contact page on our website, or call us at 513-919-2982 or email [email protected]. Together, we make your moving simple.